13 septembre 2022

Official launch of the SHIVA cohort

After the French ethics committee approval, the SHiVA cohort initiation visit held last week at the CHU de Bordeaux with the members actively involved in the […]
27 juillet 2022

#5 SHIVA Scientific Mini-symposium_ Sept 29, 2022

The next scientific symposium will be held on the September, 29th. Ilana Caro, phD fellow in ELEANOR team, will present the mendelian ranodmization of pQTLs from […]
10 mai 2022

Active presence of SHIVA members at ESOC 2022!

The 8th European Stroke Organisation Conference took place from 4 – 6 May 2022 at Lyon.Prof. Stéphanie Debette presented how stroke genetics contributes to drug discovery […]
4 mai 2022

Gene-mapping study of extremes of cerebral small vessel disease reveals TRIM47 as a strong candidate

Aniket Mishra, Cécile Duplaà, Dina Vojinovic, Hideaki Suzuki, Muralidharan Sargurupremraj, Nuno R Zilhão, Shuo Li, Traci M Bartz, Xueqiu Jian, Wei Zhao, Edith Hofer, Katharina Wittfeld, […]
3 mai 2022

Stroke Genetics: Discovery, Insight Into Mechanisms, and Clinical Perspectives

Debette S, Markus HS. Stroke Genetics: Discovery, Insight Into Mechanisms, and Clinical Perspectives. Circ Res. 2022;130(8):1095-1111. doi:10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.122.319950
3 mai 2022

Wnt/frizzled Signaling in Endothelium: A major Player in Blood-Retinal- and Blood-Brain-Barrier Integrity

Bats ML, Peghaire C, Delobel V, Dufourcq P, Couffinhal T and Duplàa C. (2022). Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med . 2022 Jan 24;a041219. doi: 10.1101/cshperspect.a041219. Online […]
14 février 2022

The annual follow-up of the i-Share cohort is completed, its ancillary study SHIVA-Share continues

Over the past 9 years, with more than 21,000 participants, the i-Share cohort has become the benchmark for research on student health. A large amount of […]
13 janvier 2022

RHU SHIVA General Assembly took place on the 13-14 Jan 2022

The General Assembly took place online on the 13-14 January 2022 with the presence of SHIVA Scientific Advisory Board. Thank you to the participants and the […]
4 janvier 2022

RHU SHIVA General Assembly, 13-14 Jan 2022

The General Assembly (GA) of the RHU SHIVA will take place during the 13th-14th January 2022. In the context of the current health crisis, the GA […]
3 janvier 2022

Genetics of common cerebral small vessel disease

Debette S, Bordes C., Sargurupremraj M., Mishra A. Nat Rev Neurol. (2022).
3 janvier 2022

Comprehensive gene-mapping study of extreme MRI-defined cerebral small vessel disease reveals TRIM47 as a strong candidate

Mishra A*, Duplaà C*,Vojinovic D*, Suzuki H*, Sargurupremraj M*, (…), Soumare A, Smith JA, Knopman DS, Morris Z, Zhu Y, Rotter JI, Dufouil C, (…), Ihara […]
3 janvier 2022

Genomic studies across the lifespan point to early mechanisms determining subcortical volumes

Le Grand Q, Satizabal CL, Sargurupremraj M, Mishra A, Soumaré A, Laurent A, Crivello F, Tsuchida A, Shin J, Macalli M, Singh B, Beiser AS, DeCarli […]
3 janvier 2022

Age-Related Variations in Regional White Matter Volumetry and Microstructure During the Post-adolescence Period: A Cross-Sectional Study of a Cohort of 1,713 University Students

Tsuchida A, Laurent A, Crivello F, Petit L, Pepe A, Beguedou N, Debette S, Tzourio C, Mazoyer B. Front Syst Neurosci. 2021 Aug 3;15:692152. doi: 10.3389/fnsys.2021.692152. […]
10 décembre 2021

RHU SHIVA is recruiting a Hospital Assistant

Within a team of several investigators from the Memory Center and of the Cardiology Department of the Bordeaux University Hospital, the recruited doctor will be in […]
25 octobre 2021

Targeting Pdzrn3 maintains adult blood-brain barrier and central nervous system homeostasis

Gueniot F, Rubin S, Bougaran P, Abelanet A, Morel JL, Bontempi B, Proust C, Dufourcq P, Couffinhal T, Duplàa C. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2021 […]
24 septembre 2021

#3 SHIVA Scientific Mini-symposium_ Sept 27, 2021

17 septembre 2021

Bordeaux Summer School_Neurepiomics

The University of Bordeaux is hosting an online Neurepiomics Summer School scheduled from October 11th to October15th, 2021, from 2 to 7 pm CET! This summer […]
30 août 2021

Stroke Genetics: Turning Discoveries into Clinical Applications

Dichgans M, Beaufort N, Debette S, Anderson CD. Stroke Genetics: Turning Discoveries into Clinical Applications. Stroke. 2021;52(9):2974-2982. doi:10.1161/STROKEAHA.121.032616
27 juillet 2021

3D segmentation of perivascular spaces on T1-weighted 3 Tesla MR images with a convolutional autoencoder and a U-shaped neural network

Boutinaud P, Tsuchida A, Laurent A, Adonias F, Hanifehlou Z, Nozais V, Verrecchia V, Lampe L, Zhang J, Zhu YC, Tzourio C, Mazoyer B, Joliot M. […]
25 juin 2021

#2 SHIVA Scientific Mini-Symposium_ June 25, 2021

24 juin 2021

ESO Guideline on covert cerebral small vessel disease

Stéphanie Debette (SHIVA coordinator) and Sabrina Shilling (post-doc BPH U1219 -VINTAGE) contributed to the first ever Guideline on the management of covert cerebral small vessel disease […]
18 juin 2021

Inclusion of the first SHIVA-Share study’s participants!!

As part of the RHU SHIVA, the SHIVA-Share study is an interventional monocentric study that aims to investigate the association of peripheral microvascular and macrovascular markers […]
1 juin 2021

#1 SHIVA Scientific Mini-Symposiums_ June 1, 2021

28 avril 2021

Prevalence, severity, and clinical management of brain incidental findings in healthy young adults: MRi-Share cross-sectional study

Soumaré A, Beguedou N, Laurent A, Brochet B, Bordes C, Mournet S, Mellet E, Pereira E, Pollet C, Lachaize M, Mougin M, Tsuchida A, Loiseau H, […]
16 mars 2021

Thank you SHIVA consortium members for participating and contributing to the General Assembly on 8-9 March 2021

Thank you SHIVA consortium members for participating to the General Assembly on 8-9 March 2021