20 décembre 2023

Early detection of white matter hyperintensities using SHIVA-WMH detector

Tsuchida A, Boutinaud P, Verrecchia V, Tzourio C, Debette S, Joliot M. Early detection of white matter hyperintensities using SHIVA-WMH detector. Hum Brain Mapp. 2023 Dec […]
25 septembre 2023

Genetic Insights on the Relation of Vascular Risk Factors and Cervical Artery Dissection

Quentin Le Grand, Leslie Ecker Ferreira, Tiina M. Metso, Sabrina Schilling, Turgut Tatlisumak, Caspar Grond-Ginsbach, Stefan T. Engelter, Philippe Lyrer, Jennifer J. Majersik, Bradford B. Worrall, […]
1 juillet 2023

Genome-wide association study of a semicontinuous trait: illustration of the impact of the modeling strategy through the study of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps levels

Munsch G, Proust C , Labrouche-Colomer S, Aïssi D, […], Smadja DM, Jacqmin-Gadda H, Trégouët DA. Genome-wide association study of a semicontinuous trait: illustration of the […]
17 avril 2023

A SHIVA publication in Nature Medicine : A large genomic study on perivascular space burden unravels early mechanisms of cerebral small vessel disease.

Cerebral small vessel disease is a leading cause of stroke and dementia for which no mechanism-based drugs are currently available. The first genomic study on perivascular […]
13 octobre 2022

Stroke genetics informs drug discovery and risk prediction across ancestries

The largest study on stroke genetics with more than 2M individuals (incl. >200,000 cases) has just been published in Nature! The GIGASTROKE project engaged numerous cohorts from across the […]
4 mai 2022

Gene-mapping study of extremes of cerebral small vessel disease reveals TRIM47 as a strong candidate

Authors Aniket Mishra, Cécile Duplaà, Dina Vojinovic, Hideaki Suzuki, Muralidharan Sargurupremraj, Nuno R Zilhão, Shuo Li, Traci M Bartz, Xueqiu Jian, Wei Zhao, Edith Hofer, Katharina […]
3 mai 2022

Stroke Genetics: Discovery, Insight Into Mechanisms, and Clinical Perspectives

Debette S, Markus HS. Stroke Genetics: Discovery, Insight Into Mechanisms, and Clinical Perspectives. Circ Res. 2022;130(8):1095-1111. doi:10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.122.319950
3 mai 2022

Wnt/frizzled Signaling in Endothelium: A major Player in Blood-Retinal- and Blood-Brain-Barrier Integrity

Bats ML, Peghaire C, Delobel V, Dufourcq P, Couffinhal T and Duplàa C. (2022). Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med . 2022 Jan 24;a041219. doi: 10.1101/cshperspect.a041219. Online […]
3 janvier 2022

Genetics of common cerebral small vessel disease

Bordes C, Sargurupremraj M, Mishra A, Debette S. Nat Rev Neurol. (2022).
3 janvier 2022

Comprehensive gene-mapping study of extreme MRI-defined cerebral small vessel disease reveals TRIM47 as a strong candidate

Mishra A*, Duplaà C*,Vojinovic D*, Suzuki H*, Sargurupremraj M*, (…), Soumare A, Smith JA, Knopman DS, Morris Z, Zhu Y, Rotter JI, Dufouil C, (…), Ihara […]
3 janvier 2022

Genomic studies across the lifespan point to early mechanisms determining subcortical volumes

Le Grand Q, Satizabal CL, Sargurupremraj M, Mishra A, Soumaré A, Laurent A, Crivello F, Tsuchida A, Shin J, Macalli M, Singh B, Beiser AS, DeCarli […]
3 janvier 2022

Age-Related Variations in Regional White Matter Volumetry and Microstructure During the Post-adolescence Period: A Cross-Sectional Study of a Cohort of 1,713 University Students

Tsuchida A, Laurent A, Crivello F, Petit L, Pepe A, Beguedou N, Debette S, Tzourio C, Mazoyer B. Front Syst Neurosci. 2021 Aug 3;15:692152. doi: 10.3389/fnsys.2021.692152. […]
25 octobre 2021

Targeting Pdzrn3 maintains adult blood-brain barrier and central nervous system homeostasis

Gueniot F, Rubin S, Bougaran P, Abelanet A, Morel JL, Bontempi B, Proust C, Dufourcq P, Couffinhal T, Duplàa C. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2021 […]
30 août 2021

Stroke Genetics: Turning Discoveries into Clinical Applications

Dichgans M, Beaufort N, Debette S, Anderson CD. Stroke Genetics: Turning Discoveries into Clinical Applications. Stroke. 2021;52(9):2974-2982. doi:10.1161/STROKEAHA.121.032616
27 juillet 2021

3D segmentation of perivascular spaces on T1-weighted 3 Tesla MR images with a convolutional autoencoder and a U-shaped neural network

Boutinaud P, Tsuchida A, Laurent A, Adonias F, Hanifehlou Z, Nozais V, Verrecchia V, Lampe L, Zhang J, Zhu YC, Tzourio C, Mazoyer B, Joliot M. […]
25 juin 2021

ESO Guideline on covert cerebral small vessel disease

Wardlaw JM, Debette S, Jokinen H, De Leeuw FE, Pantoni L, Chabriat H, Staals J, Doubal F, Rudilosso S, Eppinger S, Schilling S, Ornello R, Enzinger […]
28 avril 2021

Prevalence, severity, and clinical management of brain incidental findings in healthy young adults: MRi-Share cross-sectional study

Soumaré A, Beguedou N, Laurent A, Brochet B, Bordes C, Mournet S, Mellet E, Pereira E, Pollet C, Lachaize M, Mougin M, Tsuchida A, Loiseau H, […]
1 septembre 2020

Cerebral small vessel disease genomics and its implications across the lifespan

Sargurupremraj, M., Suzuki, H., Jian, X. et al. Nat Commun 11, 6285 (2020).